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Recycling Services


R S Busch Construction is committed to Recycling in order to benefit the environment and save our customers the extra cost of hauling reinforced concrete to a landfill. During concrete demolition, we break the concrete to the appropriate size for recycling and remove the rebar so that the concrete can be crushed at the recycle plant or used on site.  We supply our customers with Recycling Receipts.

Loading Services


Backhoe loading of concrete demo is usually the most efficient and cost-effective process. One of the benefits of backhoe loading is that the sub-grade is left intact which saves grading and compaction. When front-end loading is the preferred method, our 4 in 1 multipurpose bucket allows clean and quick loading.  Our custom built grapple buckets can quickly load awkward debris.  Our bucket systems allow us to use the backhoe to sort through materials for recycle and reuse for an environmentally clean demo.

Tier 3 Services


Our John Deere 410J Backhoe is rated Tier 3, meeting all ARB clean air requirements for the State of California.

Customized Equipment


R S Busch has the capability to fabricate customized tools and equipment to meet the needs of any tough job. Our customized semi-end dump is the most efficient hauling tractor and trailer available, carrying 23 tons legally. We have buckets of all widths and various functions which have been used for specific functions when it could save our customers time and money on their demo jobs.

We have successfully designed and used special buckets for removing stucco, loading difficult desbris, and fitting into tight spaces. Our custom 8' grading arm has allowed us to successfully grade the contours of several bunkers without allowing any weight to be put on them. Innovation and fabrication has allowed us to develop ways to work smarter for the benefit of our customers.

Custom Solutions

No matter the size of the job or the unique circumstances in which it must be done, we welcome the opportunitiy to be creative and efficient in our work. Our equipment is designed to be adaptable to varied widths or depths as needed. 

We have the expertise to work in extremely tight areas and have developed systems for removing dumping materials in ways that are environmentally friendly and cost-saving. Designing and building one-of-a-kind implements for certain jobs has given us the tools needed to achieve success in challenging situations.

Demolition Services


R S Busch Construction has broad experience with demolition of flatwork, footings, swimming pools, walls, underpinnings, complete and partial buildings, gas stations, and Tenant Improvements for residential, military and commercial.

Our custom grapple demo bucket and stucco removing bucket have saved significant costs for our customers.

Hauling Services


Our customized semi-end dump is the most efficient truck and trailer available for hauling. It can legally haul 23 tons per load which saves substantial fees from extra trips to the dump.

Grading and Compaction


R S Busch Construction strives to deliver excellence in grading. For this purpose, we have developed several custom buckets and grading tools that work in conjunction with our equipment. We can give you flat or contour grades to meet your requirements.  We excel at compaction for utility trenches, ABC underpinning or other dirt work.

Introducing our Services

We offer a wide variety of services and equipment options.  We specialize in excavation, concrete compaction/breaking, hauling of concrete, dirt and asphalt.  We also have extensive experience in building demolition, Hyram breaking, and rock breaking.